About Me

I’m Stella Crouch (she/her).

I was born in New York City but moved shortly thereafter to Bangkok Thailand for my family’s job. It was there that the beginning of my awareness of the world outside the USA and love of traveling began.

We returned from Bangkok to Seattle to start my public school education and my parents enrolled me in an international immersion  language primary school where I became fluent in Spanish. I now attend Barnard College at Columbia University back in NYC. I continue to love learning languages and am currently learning Italian.

I play guitar, piano and a little bass and write songs to relax. I also love writing and reading. I am involved in the National Organisation for Women (NOW),  The Aurora Philosophy Institute (API) and the international book club Flow N Flux.

I have a passion about history, philosophy and travel. I also love old films, specifically from the Weimar Republic Era, pre-code and silent era films.

Read My Writing for Organisations:

Aurora Philosophy Institute: https://www.theapi.ca/

National Organisation for Women: https://www.nowseattle.org/that-cant-be-t

My Interests


Most of my passions have originated because of my love of history. Whether it is music, film, writing, or linguistics, the history behind these interests is usually what first draws me in.


I am privileged to have been able to travel with my family. My parents were a flight attendant and pilot. Getting to explore the world, meet new people and experience different cultures is unlike anything else.


I love writing fiction, history, music and poetry as well as sewing, design and painting.


I have always loved philosophy since I was small. I have a particular interest in feminism, existentialism, anarcha-feminism, etymology, aesthetics and ethics.

Language Learning

I am passionate about learning new languages and linguistics. I am currently learning/improving in Spanish, British Sign Language (BSL) and Italian.


I am very interested in the intersection between the sciences and the humanities and how they can inform one another.